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Falls Church, VA – Sarah White, resident of Falls Church, announced today that she will be seeking election to the House of Delegates in the 53rd House of Delegates district. As a small business owner and small business consultant, White understands what it takes to improve quality of life and support businesses and employees right here in Fairfax and Falls Church.

“I have worked closely with the people and businesses of Fairfax County and the City of Falls Church. Those experiences have made me passionate about our community and eager to improve our quality of life,” said Sarah.

Sarah is an active member of the community as a member of the Fairfax County Republican Committee, multiple Chambers of Commerce, The National Association of Women Business owners, and the Virginia Restaurant Lodging and Travel Association.

“Watching the response to COVID-19, I became very aware that our state government does not understand the daily challenges that employers and employees in our area face,” said Sarah. “From lack of guidance to delivery of the vaccination, Virginia has had one of the least efficient pandemic responses in the nation.”

“Families and businesses need decisive and transparent leadership as our economy recovers from the pandemic and that is what I will provide to the Falls Church area.”

Sarah will also be an advocate for law enforcement and education.

“Local, State, and Federal Democrats have proposed radical policies concerning law enforcement and criminal justice that undermine safety in our community,” said Sarah. “I will support our law enforcement and programs that strengthen relationships with our communities. That means holding violent criminals accountable and more funding for our brave police officers – not less.”

“Regarding education, I am deeply concerned about the strains that the pandemic has put on our system and the impact it has on our families and children,” said White. “The children of this county will be critical to the future Northern Virginia labor force and if we are going to prepare them, we need to prepare ourselves for situations like this.”

Sarah is currently a resident of the 53rd district, but will be running for delegate regardless of where she is after the redistricting process.

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