Sarah on the issues


I am running for Delegate because there is lack of leadership in Richmond. We need bold leadership that will face the issues of the day rapidly and transparently because the COVID-19 pandemic is not the last crisis our commonwealth will face.

I am ready to answer the call today and in the future

Small Business

As a small business consultant, I have spent my life working to help small businesses grow, but now I am just working on helping them survive. If we are going to recover from this pandemic, we need clear and transparent guidelines from Richmond to help our businesses keep customers safe.


Our schools need to reopen 5 days a week, to ensure that children are given every opportunity to catch up. The poor policies that prohibited students from getting back to school, even after CDC guidelines said it was safe to go back, have set back far too many students. Our commonwealth has some of the best schools in the nation and it is time to prove it once again by making up for this lost time.

Furthermore, we need to keep political agendas out of our schools. Holding our children's education hostage over political issues is not a reasonable way to accomplish political goals. I will focus on ensuring that our Commonwealth has the highest quality education.


I will support our law enforcement and programs that strengthen relationships with our communities. That means holding violent criminals accountable and more funding for our brave police officers – not less, so that they can afford to live in the community that they serve.

With the community outreach initiatives, Crisis Intervention Training, body cameras, and a Police Civilian Review Panel, our police officers clearly take their responsibility very seriously. I will make sure the officers have the resources they need and encourage them to be an integral part of our community.